Curved Flashings

Curved Flashings

It is important to use a manufactured curved flashing to fit the contour of the curved roof or wall design for a seamless and professional finish rather than a staggered looking finish derived from a straight length.

Colorspan Industries are able to create curved flashings for most flashing profiles including Aprons, Barges, Parapet Cappings and Box Gutters.

All curved flashings are manufactured to the required profile using your specified material and colour finish.

Note: Template required for all curved flashing orders



Material Data

Colorspan Industries are able to provide profiles in a wide selection of material types and finishes to meet both aesthetic and performance properties. This ensures your project maintains design consistency without compromising on durability or functionality.

Colorspan Industries use Australian made Blue Scope Steel products including Zincalume®, Galvabond®, Colorbond®. Choose from the full Colorbond® range including Metallic, or request a custom material or finish to achieve your desired results.

Aluminium, Stainless Steel, Copper, Cor-ten and VM Zinc materials are also available.


1. You can run water along GALVABOND® onto ZINCALUME® but if you cannot run water from ZINCALUME® to GALVABOND® as it will eventually corrode
2. ZINCALUME® is incompatible with lead flashing and copper piping


Each material can be manufactured to the thicknesses as follows:

Zincalume:  0.55mm to 1.0mm
Galvabond:  0.55mm to 1.6mm
Colorbond:  0.55mm
Aluminium:  Size on Request
Stainless Steel:  Size on Request
Copper:  Size on Request


We manufacture quality custom Zincalume, Galvabond and Colorbond flashing up to the following sizes:

Max Length: 8200 mm
Max Girth: 1200 mm

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